New Offical Box art for the PSP

December 19th, 2009

Sony Japans website has offically released the box art for the anticipated PSP game that everyone is waiting for,  below is the official box art that will be used.

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Source:  Sony [Japan]

Kingdom Heats: Birth By Sleep Jump Weekly

December 3rd, 2009

Hello world.


This weeks Jump issue reveals the very first final fantasy character to appear in BBS, that’s right its Zack Fair from Final Fantasy VII! The issue also features the Olympus Coliseum, Zack appears as a D-Link Summon for Terra, this issue also features a young version of Kairi in Radiant Garden, also found in the issue is Terra whom also appear as a D-Link Summon for Ven.


New Famitsu Scans Surface Featuring Birth By Sleep & Coded!

November 26th, 2009

A new issue of Famitsu has surfaced, featuring a full ten page spread of Kingdom Hearts (8 of Birth By Sleep, 2 of Coded). Ienzo (Zexion) makes an appearance who looks remarkably younger than Ventus standing next to Even (Vexen). It also shows off a co-op battle with Aqua, Terra, and Ven fighting against a boss in Radient Garden that occurs regardless of which character you choose to play as. It also show’s the trio’s armor and transportation to different worlds similar to that of the Gummi Ship seen in previous games.

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Birth By Sleep Info From VJump

November 21st, 2009

So it seems that the latest VJump magazine has came out today, featuring a double page spread of new Birth by Sleep info:


This Screen Features new info/images of Braig (Xigbar) in his human form, the screen’s also inclusive of a battle with him! Dilan (Xaldin) and Aeleus (Lexaeus) are also mentioned in this screen also appearing in their human forms, the scan also contains new information about current and new worlds, Radiant Garden, Disney Town, and Mirage Arena!


Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Special Edition PSP!

November 20th, 2009 Japan has announced a special edition PSP for Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep! It will be available for sale on 1/09/10 for 22000 yen ($245).


In more news, the official Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep has also been updated with a revamped worlds section, as well as updates to Enchanted Dominion and Land of Departure, as well as announcement of the new Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep special edition PSP.

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With a new scan comes new information

November 20th, 2009

A new Jump scan just surfaced. This issue features Disney Town, a new mini-game world in Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep. In it, we have Minnie, Huey, Duey, and Luey making appreances in the world, as well as Pete, doning his alterego – Captain Justice. The world contains a racing game, called “Keyblade Ride”, a rhythmn game, called “Rhythmn Ice” “, where the player will have to stack ice into a beat, and a game where the player shoots balls shaped like fruit towards a goal, and another game called, “Fruit Ball.” And, at the bottom left, a new character has just been revealed. Though, who he is has yet to be discovered.


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