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Terra is a Strength Type. He is one of three apprentices under Master Eraqus who was taking the Master Qualifcation Exam along with Aqua, if successful he would become a Keyblade Master. He is among the three sent to seek out Master Xehanort when he disappeared. Terra wields a Keyblade without a keychain and his name means "earth" in Latin. He is friends with Ven, who saved his life previously. He is believed to have succumbed to darkness for power under Maleficent's influence similar to what occurred to Riku in Kingdom Hearts. Furthermore, while at Radiant Garden, Master Xehanort attempts to have Terra embrace the darkness in his heart. Terra believes to bear a grudge towards Master Xehanort as he believes that Master Xehanort had done something to another's heart.

Nicknamed "Ven", Ventus is a Speed Type, and is also one of the three apprentices sent to seek out Master Xehanort. He became an apprentice of Master Eraqus after Terra and Aqua, but is not ready for Master Qualification Exam as Master Eraqus believes that his skills are not refined enough yet. Ven also wields a Keyblade without a keychain and his name means "wind" in Latin. When confronted with Master Xehanort in the Coliseum, Ven is unable to recognize him and is speculated to have lost himself since their last encounter. Ven's story will feel the closest to that of previous Kingdom Hearts games, he is also very friendly and easily makes friends with the dwellers in the worlds he visits. Out of the three apprentices, Ven bears a striking resemblance to Roxas, a character in Kingdom Hearts II, though it has been confirmed that they are not the same person. He appears to have some sort of connection to Roxas and Sora as his attire is a mixture of theirs.

Aqua is a Magic Type. She is the last of the three apprentices sent to seek out Master Xehanort; she is also the only female. She too wields a Keyblade without a keychain and her name means "water" in Latin. During her journey she often meets up with both Terra and Ven. Of the three apprentices, she is the most mature and serious about things. Despite doing her best to stay calm and collected, she becomes emotional over Ven and Terra easily. Her armor is seen in the Chamber of Repose below Hollow Bastion in Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix, visited often by Xemnas, who refers to it as belonging to a "friend". She is taking the Master Qualifcation Exam along with Terra, if successful she would become a Keyblade Master. Aqua's outfit has also been altered three times as of October 2009; the outfit she was wearing during the Tokyo Game Show 2009 was deemed as being too revealing by Nomura. This is because when Aqua jumps in the air her entire back is exposed, hence Nomura is trying to find a balance for the outfit without being too conservative or too revealing.

••Mickey Mouse
In Birth by Sleep, Mickey is training under Master Yen Sid in order to become a stronger Keyblade Master and is accompanied by both Donald and Goofy.

••Master Eraqus
Master Eraqus is the dignified master of the three protagonists of the game: Terra, Ventus and Aqua. He was described in Famitsu as being "the one who is keeping the power of light alive in the world". He is one of the few "Keyblade Masters" in existence. When Master Eraqus saw a connection to appearance of Unverse and Master Xehanort's disappearance, he orders his three apprentices to go on a journey to Investigate and find Master Xehanort. His relation with Master Xehanort is similar to that of old classmates. He first made an appearance in a trailer shown at the Tokyo Game Show 2009 and was described by viewers as having a "samurai-like" appearance. He was previously thought not to appear physically in the game with mentions of him by the protagonists. His appearance and name was unveiled in the November edition of the Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, his name is an anagram of "Square", the first name of the developer. He also bears a striking resemblance to Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi.

••Master Xehanort
Master Xehanort is currently considered to be the main antagonist of the game. He is one of the few "Keyblade Masters" in existence along with Master Eraqus, he is believed to have a relationship with Eraqus which is similar to that of old classmates. Both Eraqus and Xehanort took the Master Qualification Exam at the same time, both of them passed but Xehanort chose to travel the worlds while Eraqus decided to stay behind. He is seen presiding over the Master Qualification Exam for Terra and Aqua alongside Eraqus. One day he and his apprentice disappeared and due to the threat of his disappearance, Eraqus sent his three apprentices to seek him out. However, attempting to have Terra embrace his darkness and "restore" Ven's memories, Xehanort turned evil with his goal yet to be revealed. He wears the same clothes as Xehanort's Heartless in the original Kingdom Hearts but without the Heartless emblem and a fully buttoned shirt. He is able to wield a Keyblade with a keychain.

Vanitas is Master Xehanort's apprentice. He shares some similarities with Riku, wearing an outfit very similar to Riku's Heartless Form, his Keyblade looks similar to that of Riku's Soul Eater and having a similar battle stance to him, although any connection between Vanitas and Riku is currently unknown and unconfirmed. His name was officially unveiled in the November edition of Japanese gaming magazine, Jump. His name, Vanitas, roughly means emptiness in Latin.

She is also a Disney antagonist of the game, her goal being to capture all beings with hearts of pure light. She does this with the help of Terra, although her motive behind this is unknown. She is often seen helping Terra, but fighting with both Ven and Aqua. She is believed to have a part to play in Master Xehanort and his apprentice's disappearance.

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